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Warranty & Return

Declaration of Warranty

"Please keep all your purchase documentations, including Proforma Invoice, as we will require them to confirm the warranty validity

1.Warranty Period:

The limited warranty of the scooter is effective for 24 months (see more details in following ""Warranty Coverage"") and takes effect as of the date received. The warranty includes online technical support for 24 months.

2.Warranty Coverage:

The warranty covers the following parts only:
● Motherboards/PCB (12months)
● Motors (12 months or 18,000km )
● Lithium Battery (12 months)
● Chargers: 12 months.
* Note: NO warranty for all plastic parts and metal parts. Such as fenders, frames, stem, handlebars, wheels, tires and etc.

3.Replacement Procedure:

If you wish to replace a part, you must contact Freego staff first to obtain Return Parts approval. The buyer must send the defective part to Freego factory in China for testing. If said parts are found within 2 months of receiving the product, if the buyer seeks to replace them, they must ship the parts to us on his own cost we will repair or change the parts and send it back to the buyer at our cost for repair and shipping. If the buyer decides to send Freego the faulty parts 2 months after receiving the product, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and taxes attributed.
*Note that 1% spare parts are provided free with bulk-orders-100pcs . Once the Warranty expires, the buyer is responsible for all expenses in purchasing new parts, repairs, and paying full shipping costs. As a factory, Freego only communicates with buyer instead of any end user. Buyer should offer consulting services and repair service according to his local warranty reles. All repair cost and shipping cost shall be paid by the buyer. Freego only provides free spare parts and online technical support during warranty period."

4.Void Warranty:

I. Electrical damage caused by improper use. Such as using an unapproved charger, long time left uncharged (over 2 months), or plugging the power cable in the wrong way. Please charge battery responsibly and regularly (at least one time per month)
II. Water damage caused by improper use in snow, wet or flooded conditions is not covered. Our products can be used in rainy days, BUT they are not waterproof. Please use with care!!!
III. Damage caused by accidents, disasters, or improper use such as racing or jumping is not covered.
IV. Damage caused by not following the User’s Manual or not following proper maintenance procedures is not covered.
V. The warranty does not cover any damage or missing parcels caused by courier services. Once our products leave the factory, we have absolutely no control over them. Our price is Ex Work/FOB Shenzhen ( BUT we are willing to assist the buyer in getting compensation from the courier service. We suggest the buyer to confirm with the express man first and get proof of any missing or broken items. The proof should then be forwarded to the related carrier company for compensation.

5.Warranty regulations are not same in different countries.

If you buy from Freego, it means you fully understand and agree with Freego's Warranty Rules in this document. Therefore, this Declaration of Warranty shall be used for future dispute if any.

About Shipping

About Shipping and responsibility. As a factory, Freego's job is to produce and deliver on time. International shipping is an extra service. Freego can assist buyer to find the right shipping agency. But the buyer is responsiable for the risk ( logistics delay, missing, damage) if any.