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Discover the Future of Cycling with Our Premium E-Bikes!

Become a Dealer

What Can We Do For You?

1. Customization & Re-branding on current E Scooters and E Bikes. (ODM)

We have more than 14 models of E Scooters that are produced everyday. We can rebrand or change color according to your customization requriement. All you need to do is to send us your brand or logo and details for user manual and packing carton, we will do the rest. From 2009 to 2021, Freego already produced more than 1 Million E Scooters and E Bikes which are mainly exported to Europe, North America (USA, Canada).

2. Develop a new e scooter for you from an idea or concept. (OEM)

You dream, we help you make it real.  
We can help you make your dream e scooters within 3 months. Just send us pictures, specification, we will start to design (from draw to 3-D modeling to 2-D) and make prototypes/test and develop new molds, and make samples.

3.We offer one-stop solution for your Rideshare business.

Freego’s One-stop solution includes Scooter-sharing Platform, Users’ APP, and Dedicated Sharing e-Scooters.We can customize your branded User APP within 30 days-60 days (depends the specific requirements). If your Sharing platform is ready to work, we can assist you to integrate our IOT device with your current Ride-share platform.

4. We are looking for Local Rideshare Operators to be our partners.

With Freego’s ready-to-work Rideshare Platform (Sharing software backend and user’s APP), you can buy Freego Sharing E Scooters and put them into your city and then start to make money. We already launched our Shared E-scooters in Italy. We find General Managers to setup a local team who put Sharing E Scooters on busy street, maintenance and repair it when it is damaged by riders. You can make good money from this profitable business. Working with Freego, you do not have to invest money for buying scooters and developing platform software.

OEM e bike distribution

5.We can do Dropshipping Service

We have warehouses in Poland and USA with some limited models. More warehouses will be ready soon. If you have online store, we can do dropshiping for you. Once you get orders from your customer, drop the order to us we will ship to your customers directly. You do not have to invest any money to buy it.

Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM. Delivered in 48 hours after payment Only shiping to EU and USA.

Become Freego Dealers

The Conditions to become Freego Dealers

1. You have a Physical store or online store or you can find some stores who can sell Electric bikes.

2. Passionate about electric bicycles or other green travel products

3. At least 1 year of experience in electric vehicle Sales and Networking

4. Electric vehicle related sales experience is preferred

How to join in Freego Dealership

1. Contact Freego Staff via Alibaba Instant Messagers or email us at

2. Apply for Freego Dealership. To review your company information,  we need  your company name, EIN and store address Key contact person name and Whatsapp Number.

3. Sign Dealership Agreement. If your application is accepted, we will send you Agreement.

4. Start to cooperate. After the agreement signed, you can buy 1 or 2 samples for demo (test drive and display)

What can we support you?

1. Start your sales by purchasing the first sample at a low price (USD 100 discount)

2. Resource sharing. We will push online customers to you and authorize you to repair FREEGO products

3. Sufficient inventory in your local warehouse to reduce your stock risk. We produce and make stock and you sell without any investment. We have 3 warehouse in Europe and 5 Warehouse in USA for Drop-shipping and On-site Pickup. Ship within 48 hours.

4. Online and offline advertising support. All kinds of Online Marketing (by Google Ads) and Offline Marketing (Local Rideshare Operators) to promote Freego brand.

About Shipping

About Shipping and responsibility. As a factory, Freego's job is to produce and deliver on time. International shipping is an extra service. Freego can assist buyer to find the right shipping agency. But the buyer is responsiable for the risk ( logistics delay, missing, damage) if any.