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Electric bikes are bicycles that are powered by an electric motor, assisting the rider when pedaling. These bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a number of benefits for riders.


The benefits of electric bikes include increased range and speed, reduced physical strain and exhaustion, and improved environmental sustainability. With the assistance of the electric motor, riders can cover longer distances and climb hills more easily, making commuting and recreational riding more accessible and enjoyable. Additionally, electric bikes produce zero emissions, making them a more sustainable transportation option than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.


Types of electric bikes

In Freego China we offer several types of electric bikes available for wholesale, OEM, and ODM.

  • Mountain electric bike:These bikes are designed for off-road riding and have features such as suspension, wide tires, and a powerful motor for tackling steep inclines and rough terrain.
  • Folding electric bike:These bikes are designed to be compact and portable, with the ability to fold down for easy storage and transportation. They are ideal for commuters or those with limited storage space.
  • Fat tire e-bikes: These bikes have wide, oversized tires that provide extra traction and stability on rough terrains, such as sand or snow.
  • Cargo electric bike:These bikes are designed for carrying heavy loads, such as groceries or equipment. They typically have a sturdy frame, a large cargo area, and a powerful motor for easier transportation.
  • Shared Electric Bike:These are designed for riding on smooth and paved roads in urban areas. They often have a lightweight frame, narrow tires, and an upright riding position.


Why Freego Electric Bikes

Freego China is a leading manufacturer of electric bikes in China, offering a wide range of models to meet the needs of various riders. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Freego Electric Bikes provides high-quality electric bicycle products, technology, and after-sales service Whether you’re looking for becoming a dealer or OEM, ODM service, or Shared Electric Bike solution. You can’t go wrong with Freego.

About Shipping

About Shipping and responsibility. As a factory, Freego's job is to produce and deliver on time. International shipping is an extra service. Freego can assist buyer to find the right shipping agency. But the buyer is responsiable for the risk ( logistics delay, missing, damage) if any.